Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Finally, the time has come and I'm starting my blog. A few days ago my boyfriend who I live with, and often cook for/with (my "sous chef") asked me why I don't start my own blog about food and cooking. 

I pondered the question for a while wondering if "blogging" was something for me. I can't hide the fact that I love eating food, making food, reading about food, dreaming about food. Now, it is time to write about food. This blog is about me, my love for family, traveling, wine, language, and all the senses that inspire and create the divine and genius craft of "food"

As most food lovers can agree, it is MORE than just the food. It is the creativity, the thought, the art, the love, and the passion. The pleasure when a dish turns out right (for my own pride's sake), but more importantly other people's enjoyment as they bite into the meal I have prepared for them. 

So how this goes, I shall see...but my hope is to write and discover more around me and more within me through the process.

A special thanks to...
-The Food Network: Anne the rockstar, Giada with her animated gestures and color obsessions, and of course, Ina & her Hampton friends
-The whole country of Italy **mange! mange! mange!**
-Other bloggers like Aggie's Kitchen and Closet Cooking
-But most importantly my mother...who always put damn good food on the table. Thanks ma! 

Time to cook, play, and eat. 

yummy ; ) 

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